Move well. Play well.

MoveWell is dedicated to empowering musicians to gain freedom and ease in their playing and to avoid injury through movement education for musicians.

Musicians all over the world suffer from limitations in their playing. It could be a harpist who can’t reach all of the strings comfortably or a flutist who can’t articulate notes quickly. It could be a vocalist who cannot sing long phrases or a pianist whose back aches. Limitations like these can interfere with the quality of music making. In many cases these issues can keep us from reaching our full potential; for others it can be injurious and career ending.

Move well. Play well.

MoveWell's Purpose

  • Help musicians and music teachers understand the design of the body to promote free movement and effortless breathing.
  • Teach musicians ways to avoid misuse/overuse related injuries.
  • Help injured musicians recover through qualitative movement education.
  • Offer educational resources and merchandise to support our educational purpose.

What MoveWell Offers

  • One on one instruction in qualitative movement education (Body Mapping)
  • Courses in What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body
  • Books and DVD’s on Body Mapping, Alexander Technique, breathing, and music studies
  • Music accessories to aid in musician comfort
  • Merchandise to aid in movement education