A body map is your brain’s interpretation of how your body is built and how all of the parts work in relationship to one another. The importance of Body Mapping is that we move how we think we are put together rather than how we are actually constructed. A faulty map can lead to misuse and injury while a good map allows fluid movement and ease in playing, singing, or conducting.

What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body is a six hour course in Body Mapping designed for musicians and music teachers. Students of the course will learn about their bodies and how its use or misuse affects their playing. Performers will gain valuable insight into “postural habits” and how to release them. Teachers will learn how to present this information and create free and resonant music with their students.

Hour 1: Movement, your senses, and attention
Hour 2: The core of the body and the places of balance
Hour 3: Movement of the four arm joints
Hour 4: Movement of breathing
Hour 5: Legs and how they move as you play
Hour 6: Putting it all together

Body Mapping Education
Full Course (6 hours)
1 Day (7 hours total incl. lunch break)
2 Day (3 hours per day)
Introduction to Body Mapping (2 hours)
Body Mapping and the Beginner (2 hours)
Private Lessons