Oboemotions: What Every Oboe Player Needs to Know About the Body
by Stephen Caplan
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Oboemotions is the definitive volume on using Body Mapping technique to help oboists and other double-reed players prevent injury and develop the physical freedom and sensitivity needed for technical mastery. Part method book, picture book, anatomy book, and practice handbook, the purpose of Oboemotions is to place the musical and technical study of the oboe within the context of a precise understanding of the human body. It provides very specific details related to playing techniques used for all the instruments in the oboe family: cor anglais, oboe d'amore, musette, bass oboe, and heckelphone as well as various historical and ethnic relations. Oboemotions is both practical and fun to read, with ease studies, agenda helpers, personal illustrations by the author, and Body Mapping practice sessions interspersed with detailed how-to material. Contents include chapters on: Inclusive Awareness Balance Fingers Thumb Rests and Neck Straps Embouchure Air The Tongue Vibrato Reed Making Performance Anxiety In addition, an extensive appendix on coaching constructive rest provides day-to-day instruction on this important technique.